Age of Empires Online - Units & Buildings

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Units & Buildings

Unit & Building

To expand your empire, you'll establish settlements across the world. You can choose from various buildings to help you get a foothold in foreign lands, and you can select from many types of units to gather your resources, defend your territories, and defeat your enemies.


Players start with the Scout unit on almost every quest. It is a tough, fast unit that excels at uncovering the map and killing aggressive fauna like Wolves and Boars. It isn't much of a fighter against bandits and other human enemies. You only get one, so keep your Scout alive!

This dual-sword-wielding infantry unit excels at killing other infantry. Fairly cheap to produce and available early, this unit can receive many upgrades and a lot of equipment that can boost its power considerably.

The backbone of any outpost, the Villager performs all of the mundane tasks you assign. Villagers pick berries, chop wood, and construct the buildings you use to train your army. Their upgrades let them carry more resources and move and build faster.

Priests can convert enemy units and heal friendly units. If enhanced with the right tech, they can even convert enemy buildings to your side, although they must sacrifice themselves in the process. Even a single Priest can turn the tide of a battle.


At the Barracks, you train infantry units. The bulk of most fighting forces come from here, as well as their upgrades. Available from the start, the Spearman is a great unit for fighting animals and early bandits.

Houses add to the population limit for each quest. For every one built, the limit increases by five and lets you build more villagers or military units. Smart players might use several houses to wall off entrances to their base.

The Storehouse is a drop-off point for resources gathered by villagers. Small and cheap, it can be built near any resource allowing efficient use of villagers. The upgrades for resource gathering are also found here for wood, food, stone, and gold.

Guardtowers provide a way to defend your base and strategic locations without having to spend your limited available population on military units. Although a bit expensive, they can hold their own against small groups of units, especially once upgraded. Paired with Walls, they can be a major part of any defense.

Unit & Building

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