Age of Empires Online Beta Invitation FAQ

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Beta Invitation FAQ

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How many invites go out? How many people signed up? What are my chances of getting an invite?

While we can't disclose exact numbers, we're introducing substantially more Beta users with every wave of invites.

How will we know when the Beta invites go out?

Check these forums frequently for Beta invitation announcements. You can also get status updates by becoming a fan of the official Age of Empires Online Facebook page or you can follow us on Twitter @AgeOfEmpires for up to the minute tweets. On the day we send out an invite wave, it can take several hours for our system to push out all of the emails once we start the process. Check your inbox throughout the day and don't forget to look in your junk folder too. You should wait a day before assuming you did not receive an invite.

I didn't get an invite this time around. When is the next wave going out?

Every week we evaluate whether we're ready to add more people to the Beta from the sign-up pool. We cannot give a specific date for the next wave, because our decision to send out invites is based on our weekly evaluation. BatsyBatsy and I will let you know ASAP when the next wave goes out.

How do you evaluate whether you're ready to add more players to the Beta?

We're building an online game, and the Beta is helping us not only get feedback on gameplay but also to test our server environments. When we add new users to the Beta, we need time to test and analyze the results of new people joining to ensure the server environment is stable and able to handle another wave of players.

Why didn't I get an invite?

Everyone will eventually get to play the game, however, when selecting participants for these waves, we take a large cross-section of users to make sure that everyone is represented equally in the Beta.

I have a Beta invite, but I can't play the game! What should I do?

Send BatsyBatsy or myself a PM and we will work with you to resolve your issues. Do NOT create a new thread or reply to a public thread.

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