Age of Armor Races

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Enhanced Human:
Sadly and proudly,the first Enhanced Human was created in laboratory and was the result of military experiment. As a new race, they were excluded by the society and under suspicion, which makes them doubtful and bland. A new race created for war. They had higher stamina than any other races. The advanced sensor technology made them the most horrible power in the battle. The heavy and cumbersome Armor becomes quick and efficient under their control. Armor--a kind of machine is specially produced for Enhanced Human. Because the pilot must be strong enough in the long-time operation in the outer-space, only the Enhanced Human were qualified for that. When it became a military weapon, Enhanced Human became the soldier to drive it. At the very beginning, the pilot had to use the motion sensor to control the armor, so the pilot had to use a lot of physical force, which was a big challenge to them. What was worse, the precision was not satisfied. Random wires obstruct the action of the pilot. If any wire was broken, the whole Armor might be out of control. Now Optical Sensor, a new kind of sensor, has been used in the Armor of the Enhanced Human. The space for the pilot's movement is enlarged, and the precision of the armor's movement is greatly improved. New technology helps the Enhanced Human, the first pilots of armor, become the most horrible and powerful force in the war.

Enhanced Human (Male)

Enhanced Human (Female)
Enhanced Human Armor

The perfect outcome of evolution. God creates human beings according to his mysterious rules. Though the evolution process is slow, the steady course and profound history give them regnant status in this society. At the very beginning, Armor, the revolutionary weapon, is specially designed for Enhanced Human. As the constitution of human is weaker than that of Enhanced Human, they were considered unsuitable to drive the armor. Some scientists designed a kind of Armor with a cockpit specially for them. Seated in the cockpit, the pilot of Armor has to operate a lot of controls. This operation mode is so complex that the pilot has to spend a lot of time to finish some simple action. The designer of the Armor was called Duke by the media,because of the out-dated design. Failure stimulated scientists to design new Armor with convenient and intelligentized operation system. The new system that supported by computers could finish most of the operations automatically and quickly, so the pilot could think more about the strategy, but not just devote their mind to operation. The driver only judges the situation and the Armor will response by itself. This new operation system made it possible for natural human to become Armor pilot. Both sides of the war can find pilots more easily. As soldiers, they know every specific part of their weapons. Advanced equipments and humanized operation system helped them to operate Armors more conveniently and precisely than before.

Human (Male)

Human (Female)
Human Armor

The appearance of Neo-Human is considered a great progress in the process of human evolution. Before the appearance of Neo-Human, human beings become weaker and weaker in physicality, and their mentally nearly stops to evolve. But the appearance of Neo-Human provides another way to control the evolution of mentally for human beings. Because they are half-blooded, they can be accepted easier than Enhanced Human by the society. And they have special talents on literature and art. Many of the first generation of Neo-Human become artists. At the beginning, Neo-Human was considered impossible to become the pilot of the armor. Their constitution is very different from natural human and Enhanced Human. The first Armor for Neo-Human is produced in 2056. The pilots use their ability of ideation to control the Armor by a helmet inductor, and they themselves have no need to do any physical action. The fact that Neo-Human can control the Armor just by their ideation and the agility and dexterity of the Armor controlled by them make scientists believe the Neo-Human has great potential for driving armor. The success of enhanced inductor makes the use of Neo-Human Armor come true. The strength of the ideation needed to control Armor becomes lower than before, and by using the new inductor, the pilot is safer to control their armor. Though driving a big killing machine, Neo-Human still perform elegantly and gracefully. In a sense, the join of elegant Neo-Human means that the war becomes more serious.

Neo-Human (Male)

Neo-Human (Female)
Neo-Human Armor

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