Age of Wushu Marriage System Introduction

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As we all know, China is a country with long history and rich traditional culture, marriage is a holy event in one's life. In the traditional Wushu world, players are able to get married in Age of Wushu, experiencing the Chinese wedding in the virtual world.

The wedding system is only available in Taiwan server for now, and is still under further polish. Small details such as proposing, engagement process, choosing the right date, wedding banquet etc. are all included, which makes the whole experience more authentic. Next, get to know more detail about the wedding process.


Partner Selection – There will be a NPC to handle choosing of the suitable bride. It is something like the modern dating websites, where details of the players such as hobbies, habits etc can be seen. Players will search via this NPC to find his or her preferred in-game spouse. Female players can indicate they are looking for the suitable groom, while the male players can send confessions through.


Proposal – Through the same NPC, a male player can propose to his potential in-game spouse. If the female player agrees, she will receive a sum (from the guy) as the dowry, while the amount will be returned to the male player if rejected. The proposal can be canceled if the female player does not reply in 2 days. Once both sides agree to the wedding, a new status will cause both to be unable to propose or be proposed to. Shaolin characters can only propose if they have obtained the "Secular Disciple" title.


Agreement – A female player may receive several proposals, but can only agree to 1. If a proposal is not agreed to within 3 days, it will be canceled. Once the marriage is confirmed, the couple should register for marriage by the government official and choose the wedding date.


The Wedding – An in-game banquet package must then be chosen for the wedding dinner, followed by sending invitations to friends to attend. Both players will then receive a “Wedding Ring” item, allowing them to teleport to each other.


BaiTang - The traditional Chinese wedding session, the couple should kneel down and kowtow for the God, for their parents and friends, then for each other.


Parade - The bride will be sitting in the palanquin carried by 28 people, and the groom ridding a horse in the front, showing their influence, heading for their new home. It is said that the groom will acquire the special skill at the parade, giving off red packets to the crowds. Firework will bring more surprise and scenery to the night scene.


Banquet - All of the friends and relatives will be invited to the banquet, the couple drink "cross-cupped wine" to signify the longinquity for their love and marriage.


NaoDongFang - Disturbing the nuptial chamber, called NaoDongFang in Chinese and this process is a necessary part. The couple will show others handholding, hugging, kissing and cuddling, they will even be asked to dance the Gungnam Style. Players who join the NaoDongFang can learn some skills there, the couple will learn the couple skills.


The wedding system seems really interesting and abundant, do you wanna give it a shot? In this special Valentine's Day, hope all of you guys will find your true love. All shall be well, and Jack shall have Jill.

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