Age of Wushu Legends of Mount Hua Expansion Preview

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Age of Wushu's first expansion, Legends of Mount Hua, is set for arrival August 8. Let us check out the full and detailed features of the expansion.

Mount Hua Competition

The top players on each server fight amongst each other for special titles, costumes, and the famed Heavenly Sword. Let the world of Jianghu know of your name and tremble at your might.

Yanmen Pass

A new instance takes players all over China through 5 different story lines, each with significantly different gameplay. Includes the Wulin Line, Village Line, Defender Line, and more.

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Youyun Sixteen Arena Prefectures Battle Arena

Experience a truly new Battle Arena. Compete in an 80+ player battle filled with multiple ways to gain victory, different tasks to accomplish for each player, and various difficulties. Use your own power to make a difference in this Wushu variation of MOBA battles.

Martial Brothers System

Bridging the gap between new players and old, the Martial Brothers System allows lower level players to quickly power up, as well as enjoy discounts on learning skills. If you've been itching to give Age of Wushu a try, then the time is now! If you've been itching to train a collection of new bandits or tutor a fresh warrior, the time is now too!

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Jianghu Factions System

You've proven your skill to other players, but now it's time to make your name known by the major NPCs and factions of Jianghu. Spread your fame far enough to earn titles, costumes, missions, items, and other valuable rewards.

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Jianghu Heroic Playstyle and Treasure System

Kill certain monsters in the world to fill up a Heroic Bar. When full, a Jianghu Hero will appear and challenge the player to a duel; defeat these powerful foes for a chance to earn unique treasures, which can be equipped to your character for various stat bonuses.

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Jianghu Gratitude and Revenge System

Being friends with NPCs now has its benefits! After improving your relationship with certain NPCs, they can be asked to accompany you through forbidden instances or participate in team practice. If you meet the requirements, a number of less honorable tasks can be requested as well, such as spying, book stealing, and even harassing other players.

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