Flying Skills in Age of Wushu

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Free is a word that Age of Wushu uses in various manners. It’s Free to Play, players are free to make decisions in a vast open game, and here comes the ability for AoW players to fly freely across rooftop and surroundings -- the Flying Skills. Flying Skills in Age of Wushu allows players to explore more landscapes, reach random treasures which are too high, and escape pursuing enemies or vengeful victims. Sounds intresting? Keep on reading..

Since Flying Skills are in fact “skills,” players must learn it through unique skill books. Some of these skills can be found strewn about in the world by their pages, some rewarded in instances, and some through the Random Encounters that unlock as your life in Jianghu progresses. Once learned, you can use the skill without any cultivation. All you have to do is to study the script and you will master the excellent ability to sprint across the surface of waters around Suzhou.

Flying skills rely on a player’s stamina to utilize. Having more base stamina makess you run and fly longer than a player with less stamina. Stamina can also be adjusted and modified through various means as well. When you use the flying skill the blue bar that appears tells you how much stamina remains. This is important when using a feather fall skill from a higher ledge. You don’t want to lose stamina mid fall and complete the rest of the decent flailing to a thud. Likewise, you don’t want to be running from constables while wanted for murder and lose stamina trying to climb the side of a city wall.

Check out all the available Flying Skills in the video below. Study up on the other features and articles as well. Age of Wushu will launch on April 10th, so don’t let the time fly by without reading up on these exciting features.

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