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Relive more than 2000 years of Wuxia tradition in Snail Games USA's colossal MMORPG, Age of Wushu. In your journey to master the ancient Chinese art of Wushu, delve into your character's unique story, face the consequences of every action, and fulfill your destiny, without the crutch of MMO staples like levels and classes. No two character stories will play out the same, as your every action determines your legacy. From a team of 300 developers and over 5 years in the making, Age of Wushu redefines what it means to be "made in China".

Release date: The first test will set on Winter 2012, and the Open Beta is planned to release on Feb, 1st, 2013.

Age of Wushu - USA Launch Trailer




Key Features

  • No Levels, No Classes: Learn your opponents' true strength by fighting them. Proceed with caution! That beggar on the street may be a traveling Grand Master.
  • Random NPC Encounter System: Every encounter and event is determined by how NPCs and the game world perceive you. No online guide can tell you what each encounter and quest will entail.
  • 8 Martial Arts Schools: Choose a school to build your craft. Seeking insight not offered at your current alma mater? Invade another to steal their secrets, or befriend a Wushu master for help.
  • Counter Combat System: Modeled after the traditional martial art, combat rewards those with the greatest skill, anticipation and execution. Never let your guard down!
  • Aerial Combat: Remember Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon?
  • 32 Guild Sites: Upgrade each guild site to mobilize and defend what you worked so hard to build.
  • 5000 Equipment Types: Unique Wushu ways to enhance your ever-growing ancient skills.
  • 17 Professions: Learn a trade to complement your fighting prowess.
  • 30 Offline Activities: Not online to train? Keep your character progressing as an NPC. A true master never sleeps!
  • 6 Unique Story Lines: Become the protagonist of your own story, not some insignificant bystander.

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Intellectual DIY Online Society

Players are not only martial-arts learners, but also a part of the game society with different social statuses. Such a social system makes the game world extremely vast and colorful. Even though players don't know martial arts, they can live happily until death and lead a unique knight-errant life in the game. Their characters can keep growing up no matter they are online or offline.


True Martial-arts Community


- No classes: All in-game skills can be learnt.

- Game Balance: Based on skills instead of classes.

- Win or Loss: Depends on skill proficiency rather than numerical values and skills. Therefore, the game has some characteristics of controllable fighting games.

- Players live in a community, not simply log into and out of the game. With the realization of the network structure, random events can be triggered, and enough NPC AI skills and rich life content are needed.

- Players enjoy enough freedom in terms of growth, combat and reputation. The immersive storyline leads to multiple development directions. Combats should be carried out in a 3D environment by use of more skills like dodge. Besides, players should be free to create their factions and hold martial-arts championships. Multi-events work in concert with multiple community statuses.

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This game separates itself from the "traditional" MMORPG's linear growth and has proposed a new innovative "No Level, No class" concept to create a multi-faceted Jianghu world. Magic and specialized martial arts, including "sets, moves, internal skills, channels and meridians, etc." are found in the traditional Wuxia novels, which are all represented in this game. Players are not limited by a class or by a School as they can learn a variety of skills to use in different battle situations. Players can switch between many different Wushu skills, which eliminates required sets or sequences, as it all depends on how players use them. This Wuxia-style growth process breaks away from "traditional" focuses on upgrading and equipments to create a complicated and changing Jianghu society, and we will be amazed at delivering the true Wuxia culture experience.


Perfect Feeling, Smooth Quality


To make "Age of Wushu" more natural and real in the picture, the DevelopmentTeam looked up a lot of graphics thesis, which contains a mass of research achievements about PC graphics. They combined it with many creative designs of Snail, making the 3D engine of "Age of Wushu" reach the first-class level of display technique and bring players realistic feelings and details. For example, in physical system, the game will imitate some natural effects such as wind, water, and sunlight, and at the same time, there are some decoration of the interactive relation between character and scene. For example, the grass or flower will vibrate when character passes the grassland. At the part of geomorphic rendering and the dealing with special effects and action, “Age of Wushu” used a lot of LOD technology, which decreases the requirements for PC configuration PC.


Hundreds of Martial Arts Skills, Crush Your Opponents with Fighting Game Elements


Whether you're running across the water's surface, leaping tall buildings or unleashing the ferocious energy of the 18 Dragon Subduing Palms, players are spoiled for choice when it comes to the ocean of martial arts skills to learn in Age of Wushu. The game features movements based on martial arts experts filmed with Dynamic Capture to deliver a more pulse-poundingly vivid fighting experience. For everyone outside of Hollywood, the special effects of Age of Wushu will put you as close as you'll get to realizing your own martial arts flick. With innovative combat systems to compliment tried and true gameplay modes, this is true Chinese martial arts!

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Never Offline – Random Encounters Everywhere

Whether you're bent on learning searing sword strikes or making a tidy profit in a rowdy Ming Dynasty city, players have the opportunity to create a persona within the dynamic world of Jianghu in Age of Wushu. A two-tiered social system gives great depth an already enormous world, and players' interactions shape their fates. No longer will you be restricted to what kind of weapon you wield or what type of fighting skills you attain. Of course, you won't be spoonfed awesomeness—these abilities take great skill to master. A unique offline gameplay experience means your characters will continue to learn, grow, and maybe even pick a few fights when you are away from the computer!




Each martial-arts skill has its unique actions and will produce special effects so as to enhance the striking feeling and approach the level of action games. Providing traditional controls, the game is easy to pick up and allows players to experience vivid and gorgeous martial-arts effects.

For PvP, first there won't be physical levels but the skills and players' kung fu will have different levels. And then you can expect to have free PvP but will get punish if you kill too many "low level" players. Except for 1 vs. 1 PvP, there will be faction vs. faction, guild vs. guild, and kung fu tournament. Your skill level and the kung fu you learn decide your fate in PvP but good control and luck are also important since block and dodge are available in the game.

It's possible to take your opponent down by one shot (something like critical attack). There are over one thousand different kinds of kung fu in the game, and theoretically, you are able to learn all of them.

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8 martial arts schools of Age of Wushu, check out here.

Official Website: http://www.ageofwushu.com

Facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/ageofwushu

About the Publisher - Snail Games USA: http://www.snailgamesusa.com

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