Age of Wushu Cultivation Guide

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Cultivation - Building a better Martial Artist

There are no levels in Age of Wushu. A Player's growth is determined by internal skill, martial arts, meridians, equipment and some other elements. Internal skill and martial arts can be increased by converting experience into cultivation.

Here is a quick breakdown of some quick ways to gain EXP in Age of Wuhsu:

Source Requirements How To Obtain
Spy on School Join a school Spy on any other school, and get intelligence from Intelligence disciple and Spy to exchange for experience.
Patrol the School Join a school Patrol in your school and kill spy players of other schools to get experience.
Forbidden Instance Group a team Successfully challenge the forbidden instance in a team to get rich experience.
Challenge Martial Arts Club Group a team Successfully challenge the martial arts club in a team to get rich experience.
Escort the Goods Cart Group a team Escort the goods cart successfully to a specified place in a team to get experience medicine.
Rob the Goods Cart None Rob the goods cart successfully and sell goods to black marketer to get experience medicine.
School War Join a school Join School War. The winning side will get some experience.
Offline Autoplay Offline Get offline. Amount of experience is determined by offline time and offline activities.
Use Flying Skill Learn flying skill You may get 1 point experience when using flying skill.
Wander All Around None You can get 1 point experience when reaching a new map.
Daily Life None You can get 1-3 points experience at random when you enjoy the scenery or collect items.
Task None You can get 1-5 points experience, reputation and some other rewards when finishing a task.
Death None You have chance to get 1 point experience when you die.

Now what do you do with all that experience you've acquired?

Internal Skills of Age of Wushu

The internal skill is extremely important to your character in Age of Wushu. You can compare the character's power from internal skill. Open Attribute (shortcut key C), you can see your current stats. It is judged by your present internal skill.
Internal Skills can not only improve character's attribute, but also improve some Skills damage output. For example, when you operate Yin Yang Heart Protecting Skill, and use Swallow Stirs Up Waves, the damage will increase by 10%. When you operate Inner Pill Skill, this Skill's damage will increase by 20%.
There are many internal skills in Age of Wushu, they all have different effects. So young masters, learn more internal skills so you can handle different situations.

Check out the Internal Skills list here.

Internal Skill Category

Internal Skills can be divided into School Internal Skill and Jianghu Internal Skill.

School Internal Skill

The Eight Schools all have unique internal skills and the internal skill supports their skill sets. Tangmen's Six Directions Script, increase critical hit damage, the high critical hit rate on the skill Golden Snake Sting relies on it.
School Internal Skill can be received from school tasks or Random Encounters. Each school has 6 internal skills.

Jianghu Internal Skill

Jianghu Internal Skills are suitable for most skill sets, but excel with some more than others. For example, Northern Sea Skill can absorb an enemy's internal force(Mana in other games) by attacking. It is suitable for most Skill sets, but if it were used with Tai Chi Sword and the skill Pegasus Flying in the Sky…The internal Force from the enemy would transform into HP for you, making you nearly invincible.
Jianghu Internal Skills can be gained from Jianghu tasks or Random Encounters. There are dozens of Jianghu internal skills.

Internal Skills includes tier 1, tier 2,tier 3 and so on. The higher tier internal skill has higher attribute. But higher tier internal skills are not always better than lower tier internal skill. With the opening of meridians and acupoints, the advantage of higher tier internal skill gets less.

There are three 3 genres of Internal Skills: Yin & Softness, Yang & Hardness, and Tai Chi. Each have suitable skill sets that they work with, but it's up to you to determine which work best in different situations.

Operating Internal Skill Effect

When you operate the internal skill, your attribute increases.
In the image below we've highlighted the base White Stats. The first set of numbers are the current state of the stats. The Grey numbers that follow are where those stats will be at the next level of the internal skill. Finally the green numbers are the exact numbers that are changing upon leveling the skill.

Internal Skill Effect

The internal skills have their features in Age of Wushu. When you cultivate it to a certain degree, you can get the effect. The higher level you cultivate, the stronger effect you will have.
For example, if you cultivate Sit and Forget Self Skill to level 5, you will have a buff on the up right corner: Having chance to avoid 20 points damage. When you cultivate it to level 15, you have chance to avoid 35 points damage.

Cultivating Wushu Skills

There are three types of cultivation in Age of Wushu.Each of the following have their own advantages and disadvantages when using them to level up Internal Skills AND combat skills. To access, open the Martial Arts Cultivation interface by clicking the mediating monk above your HP bar. You can also select CULTIVATE when viewing certain skills in your skill book (K). When you have a skill selected you can choose from one of the three methods to cultivate, INTERNAL, PRACTICE, and TEAM PRACTICE!

Internal Cultivation

Internal cultivation is a serene form of cultivation involving the refinement of one's thoughts and spirit.
Internal Cultivation serves as an "Auto Cultivating" method, meaning it will cultivate in the background so you can keep performing other actions. While this allows you to multitask, it is takes the longest to level up a skill.
Checking up on the Status: Once in the internal cultivation state, move the mouse over to the picture above your cultivation bar to check on your progress and remaining cultivation time

1. Each martial art corresponds with a geomantic place, meaning that in some environments, practicing a given martial art will be more effective than in others. This can reduce the cultivation time significantly.
2. Even when offline, VIPs can still make use of the Offline Cultivation setting to engage in set offline martial arts cultivation.

Practice Martial Arts

Kung Fu increases day by day. At the first, martial arts are an experience of body exercise, and all the movements should be practiced repeatedly. The one who practices Wushu learns boxing theory by training, the one who has Kung Fu but doesn't know the theory is an amateur, and the one who has "verbal Kung Fu" is actually not good at Kung fu (they know what it does but not how to work it). There are various martial arts in Jianghu as well as all kinds of strange and advanced people with numerous training methods. Training as an external skills aims to practice repeatedly to impress the trainers, and to increase the effect of training with the help of martial pills, which is much more efficient than meditation [Internal Cultivation] in training methods.

Pills Use: After starting the training, there are three basic pills with different effects and prices, and after clicking the pill the advanced training effect is 1 time to 10 times than the pills effect. Keeping the medallion from stopping is important as it increases the speed you cultivate that skill. While this is a truly faster method compared to the others, it costs silver which can leave the most ambitious martial artist broke.

Team Practice

Visit teachers and friends to search for truth. Make friends with experts and practice together, so that your martial arts can really benefit from training.

Team practice unites Practice cultivations with a physical experience in the study of arrays. Also, the varying benefits of the compounding of everyone's cultivation reflect the different speeds of the group members' Internal Cultivation.

Engaging in Team Practice: Above your character's HP bar, click on the meditation picture to open the Martial Arts Cultivation Interface. On the right side of the interface, click on the Team Practice picture. This will bring you to the Team Practice interface, where you can select a practice goal and begin team practice.

Joining in Team Practice: While a player is selecting the nature of the group practice, other players can right click the player's avatar to select the Apply for Team Practice button and join in. When that player agrees, they can begin practicing together.

Team Practice Rewards: Team practice mode synthesizes set type, the number of rounds and the number of consecutive hits to calculate reward. In team practice, improving one's internal cultivation rate will enhance the buff, and the number of rounds to be performed is based on the set.

Before team practice starts, make sure you have enough cultivation and corresponding martial arts internal cultivation. If either is insufficient, you may not be able to receive all the benefits of the buff.
There are six kinds of ideal environment in the game to correspond with the places of beautiful views and the strange mountains and waters in the Age of Wushu. Therefore, it can combine with the attributes of Yin and Yang in martial arts well to establish the environment system of learning martial arts—Fengshui Land.

Mountain: It's full of continuous peaks. The cliffs are upright. It's tall and towering.
Forest: It's luxuriantly green. All the trees are flourishing, fresh and elegant.
Water: The waterfall falls down straightforward. The huge waves hit the bank with tremendous force
Cave: The winding path leads to a quiet place. There is no sunshine and all is in silence.
Snow: The snow is dancing in the sky. The water drops become icy. It's full of coldness.
Marketplace: It's filled with continuous people and vehicles and is noisy all around.

Different martial arts have different effects in different environment. Some will get twice the result with half the effort. And some will get half the result with twice effort. If you are in a downtown area which is noisy all around, it's hard for you to calm down. As a result, it's hard to improve your martial arts. If you live in a place with mountain and water where you feel relaxed and your Chi is harmonious with that of the world, it's much easier for you to make a progress in martial arts. Learn which skills are best trained in certain environments as well as practiced. Your surroundings are an important weapon for or against you.

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