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  • Congratulations on MMOsite 12th Anniversary!
    WEBZEN is very pleased to be invited to a celebration for MMOSITE’s 12th anniversary, and thank the MMOSITE team for great years of providing the latest news and information of the gaming industry.
    WEBZEN is really proud of that, and wishes MMOSITE continued success for many more years.

    WEBZEN team

  • Congratulations on your 12th Anniversary! has become one of the most esteemed gaming websites, providing players and developers with a portal to connect with one another, as well as a wealth of valuable information. We extend our heartiest congratulations and thanks for all the contributions that has made for the industry.
    The past 12 years have witnessed huge changes in the global game market and Youzu Interactive is more committed than ever to creating high-quality games for the world. We look forward to taking on future opportunities and challenges alongside

    Youzu Interactive

  • On behalf of my organization, EGLS, we extend our heartiest congratulations to your company for completing 12 glorious years of success. We wish you all the success for many more years to come. And we hope to continue doing business with you in future.

    EGLS (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Dear MMOSite, congratulations for your 12th anniversary! This is a great achievement and one you truly deserve. Thank you for your amazing content that has helped thousands of players take their game strategies to the next level! Keep up your fantastic work!

    Forge of Empires Tips

  • To celebrate 12 years of MMOsite bringing players and fans the hottest news in MMO gaming, we're teaming up with them to give our players some awesome gifts. From now until the end of June, get your hands on exclusive MMOsite goodies for a variety of Snail Games titles. The party's just getting started! Happy Birthday!

    Snail Games

  • 12th Anniversary! What a remarkable landmark for MMOsite! Congratulations and look forward to your next 10-year celebration!

    Grape Network

  • Happy Birthday MMOSite!
    The R2Games team would like to wish the happiest of birthdays to MMOSite on her 12th birthday! In celebration of this momentous occasion, R2 would like to offer all MMOSite players an exclusive Gift Pack.
    Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors and achievements.


  • We would like to extend our warmest congratulations and best wishes to MMOSITE on the occasion of 12th anniversary.Thank you for all your help over the years and look forward to your next 10-year celebration!


  • Congratulations MMOSite for celebrating 12 years wonderful journey in gaming media industry. Thank you for the support! All the best! Happy Birthday to MMOSite!

    CiB Net Station Sdn.Bhd

  • Dear MMOSite!
    We hope this Birthday brings you lots of joy, happiness, success and gifts for you and for your players!
    Thank you guys for our great cooperation and support!
    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y 2 UUU

    Panoramik Inc

  • On your anniversary of completing 12 years in this industry, as your faithful cooperative partner, Gamehollywood appreciate all of your hard work and dedication. Happy Anniversary for another successful year!


  • Nexon and the MapleStory Team would like to say congratulations to the entire MMOsite team for reaching your 12th Anniversary! We wish you many more years of continued success!

    Nexon America

  • Congratulations on MMOsite 12th Anniversary! IGameMore would like to extend the best wishes to MMOSite on her 12th birthday. Thank you for your great cooperation and help. We look forward to the next 10-year celebration!


  • Congratulations to the MMOsite team on their 12th anniversary! Please enjoy some codes for SMITE and Paladins and we look forward to many more celebrations!

    Hi-Rez Studio

  • One of the most interesting and unique sites about MMO games celebrates its 12th anniversary. We wish you many loyal readers from all corners of the world and that all developers dream to work with you for a unique material about their games.

    Juvty Worlds Ltd.

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Sub-site Photo Established.


Sub-site Gamelist Established.


The first MMOsite Readers' Choice achieved great success.

January 2007

The first anniversary celebration was held (2-years-old).

June 2007

The number of registered users of MMOsite reached 1, 000, 000.

April 2008

The number of registered users of MMOsite reached 2, 000, 000.


Volunteer Center Established.


The fifth anniversary celebration.

June 2010

The number of registered users of MMOsite reached3, 000, 000.

July 2011

The number of registered users of MMOsite reached 4, 000, 000.

March 2013

Sub-site Mobile Game Center established.

May.13th, 2013

The number of registered users of MMOsite reached 5, 000, 000.

May 2014

MMOsite acquired PandaAPP.

April 2015

MMOsite is 10 years old!


MMOsite has its own app IMGamer.

February, 2016

Sub-site VR Zone Established.

April, 2016

MMOsite reaches 7, 500, 000 registered members

February, 2017

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