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  • Congratulations to MMOSite for 11 years of service and quality coverage. Digital Extremes and the Warframe team are proud to support MMOSite and its growing community on this special occasion.

    Digital Extremes & Warframe Team

  • Congratulations to MMOsite! Wish you a happy birthday and a prosperous future!


  • It's been a long road, and we're so glad to have shared it with you! Congratulations on 11 great years, and we at Snail look forward to the next glorious chapter together with MMOSite.

    Snail Game

  • Congratulation to MMOSite's 11th anniversary! We had good relationship and you guys did great jobs. Enjoy your day!

    Enjoymobile Technology Limited

  • Celebrating MMOSite's 11th anniversary! We've enjoyed working with you in the past, and we look forward to working with you in the future for years to come.


  • We extend our heartiest congratulations to MMOSite for completing 11 years of success! MMO's contributions are too impressive to miss, and it is our honor to cooperate with such a creative pioneer in this area! We wish MMOSite would go further and reach to new heights in the coming days!

    Good net technology co. Ltd

  • AMZGame.com congratulate MMOSITE on reaching the 11th Anniversary. We thank MMOSITE for their support of the wider gaming community and the invaluable service they provide in helping to unite players with games worldwide.


  • Congratulations to you for your wonderful journey of 10 years of success in gaming media industry. MMosite is an impressive game portal by offering good quality press and reaching good quantity core gamers. It is very glad to work with you and we hope Mmosites reaches to new heights in the coming days.


  • LOYGAME congratulates MMOSITE on its 11th anniversary. It’s been a pleasure to work with you. Looking forward to more anniversaries. 


  • Greetings from Cultic Games to MMOsite! Since we're a narrative single player RPG it's surprising to catch the attention of your site.

    Cultic Games

  • Lords Mobile congratulates MMOSITE on its 11st Anniversary! We’re all ready to build and battle our way to glory together!


  • Happy 11th Anniversary, MMOSite! Nutaku staff are long-time fans of your coverage of the industry and we wish you many more successful anniversaries to come. Keep up the good work and all the best!


  • Dear MMOSite, congratulations for your anniversary! Thank you for the great community, your creativeness, inspiring stories and awesome game news! Keep up the great job and enjoy new and new achievements!

    "The Skies" MMORPG Team

  • Congratulations on MMOsite 11 Years Anniversary!
    WEBZEN is very pleased to be invited to a celebration for MMOSITE’s 11th anniversary, and thank the MMOSITE team for great years of providing the latest news and information of the gaming industry.

    WEBZEN team

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Sub-site Photo Established.


Sub-site Gamelist Established.


The first MMOsite Readers' Choice achieved great success.

January 2007

The first anniversary celebration was held (2-years-old).

June 2007

The number of registered users of MMOsite reached 1, 000, 000.

April 2008

The number of registered users of MMOsite reached 2, 000, 000.


Volunteer Center Established.


The fifth anniversary celebration.

June 2010

The number of registered users of MMOsite reached3, 000, 000.

July 2011

The number of registered users of MMOsite reached 4, 000, 000.

March 2013

Sub-site Mobile Game Center established.

May.13th, 2013

The number of registered users of MMOsite reached 5, 000, 000.

May 2014

MMOsite acquired PandaAPP.

April 2015

MMOsite is 10 years old!


MMOsite has its own app IMGamer.

February, 2016

Sub-site VR Zone Established.

April, 2016

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